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AC Fitness is based in Kincumber on the sunny Central Coast, training the community there and the surrounding suburbs.
Amanda is amazing, she helped me get down to my goal weight for my wedding and she helped me keep my weight in check during my pregnancy and after. I’m certain the training we did helped my recovery.

She is the best trainer I’ve ever had!


I always hated going to gyms, so Amanda coming out to my house was fantastic. She not only helped me strengthen my balance, she helped me recover from a knee replacement, and I now have full use of that knee.

I don’t think I would have anywhere near as much confidence on it without Amanda’s help.


We have a variety of options of how you can train with us! Whether you want 1:1 Personal Training sessions, or to come along to group sessions, or both, we have an option for you!

All training is done in a judgment free environment, where you will be looked after, and leave feeling empowered and proud of yourself!

Hi, I’m Amanda

My name is Amanda. I know first hand how much having a trainer who is in your corner can have a positive impact on your life, both physically and mentally.

I empower people to be sustainably healthy & strong as a way of life, in an achievable way, and in a judgement free environment. I have been a personal trainer for 11 years. I am passionate about helping people, it’s why I became a trainer in the first place!

Should I always be sore after a workout?

Should I always be sore after a workout?

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3 tips to help overcome overwhelm

3 tips to help overcome overwhelm

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